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Spray Booth Relocations in UAE

Spray Booth Relocations in UAE

ACEMEC provides superb top quality Spray Booth Relocations in UAE. Moving spray booths from one site to another is significant part of our business.

From a fully managed service, to operating on a sub contractor basis, we offer spray booth dismantling, fixing roof holes, filling in pits, transport and logistics, spray booth installation and lev testing.

We offer carry out Spray Booth Relocations in UAE, with our team carrying out paint spray booth relocations throughout the country. We aim to manage the process end-to-end and keep outsourcing to a minimum, by using our team of experienced fitters.

We work on both a main contractor and sub contractor basis as per each customer’s requirements, with the help of highly technical team we deliver better quality Spray Booth Relocations in UAE.

Regardless of the make or model, our skilled installation crew will have your equipment up and running as soon as possible while adhering to all criteria.

Spray Booth Relocation process

Moving spray booths from one location to another is a big element of what we do. We provide spray booth deconstruction, roof hole repair, pit filling, transport and logistics, spray booth installation, and lev testing as a fully managed service or as a subcontractor.

If you’re thinking about relocating your business or buying used equipment, ACEMEC Spray Booths is the company to call. We are capable of providing premium quality Spray Booth Relocations in UAE.

Spray Booth Relocations in UAE undergoes the following steps:


Inspection of the spray booth

The inspection of the spray booth is the first step in the spray booth relocation procedure. When assessing a spray booth, our team considers its age, compliance, and the possibility of moving the booth in a safe, professional, and cost-effective manner.


Spray Booth Dismantling

Our professionals carefully and properly disassemble every portion of a spray booth during the disassembly process, noting down the torn out pieces and the sections that need to be replaced.


Booth transportation

Prior to transporting spray booths to a new location, our specialists pack each component of the booth professionally and properly, ensuring that the booths are moved safely and that safety precautions are taken.


Parts assembly and replacement

This is the main phase of spray booth relocation, during which the spray booth parts are professionally assembled. Damaged components are replaced. New filters have been added. Upgrades to the electrical and gas systems have been completed.


spray booth Inspection

Various examinations and values are carried out during the inspection process. The certification is completed when the spray booth has been inspected.

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ACEMEC Spray Booths offers Best Spray Booth Relocations in UAE, we also deal with Booth Installation  Services Dubai, UAE. Based in Dubai, we are located centrally to serve a customer base across the United Arab Emirates.

Our range of services include Installations, Relocations, Maintenance and Error Rectification. We offer these best Spray Paint Booth services from all leading paint spray booth manufacturers.

Who we are?

We   ACEMEC,   Suppliers of the Best  Spray paint booth installation in UAE, have a proven track record of delivering well-designed, cutting-edge paint booths and equipment that meet your needs.

We work with our customers on a variety of projects and return time and time again to service their equipment, update their finishing lines, and replace old booths.

We take great care in instructing our customers on how to use the equipment and technology we install, and we stay up to date on industry trends. We aspire to provide the highest quality Spray paint booth installation in UAE.

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Spray Booth Relocations in UAE

Spray Booth Relocations in UAE

Spray Booth Relocations in UAE


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