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ACEMEC Spray Booths Dubai, UAE

Best Spray Paint Booths in Dubai, as well as booth installation and relocation services throughout the United Arab Emirates are supplied by ACEMEC Spray Booths.

We are based in Dubai and are strategically positioned to service customers throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Installations, relocations, maintenance, and error correction are among the services we offer. We provide the best Spray Paint Booth services from all of the most reputable paint spray booth manufacturers all around Dubai, and UAE.

We build booths and systems all across the country UAE, so we’ve got the experience you need for your project. From single car booths to multiple booth installations and comprehensive finishing systems, we’ve done it all.

We work with our customers on a variety of projects and return time and time again to service their equipment, update their finishing lines, and replace old booths. We take great care in instructing our customers on how to use the equipment and technology we install, and we stay up to date on industry trends.

We ACEMEC, Suppliers of the Best spray paint booths in Dubai, UAE, have a proven track record of delivering well-designed, cutting-edge paint booths and equipment that meet your needs.

Spray Paint Booths in UAE

Who we are?

We   ACEMEC,   Suppliers of the Best  spray paint booths in Dubai, UAE, have a proven track record of delivering well-designed, cutting-edge paint booths and equipment that meet your needs.

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Side Draft Preparation Booth

spray paint booths in Dubai

spray paint booths in Dubai

Our Vision to supply spray paint booths in Dubai, UAE

We hope to positively impact the world by boosting the manufacturing capacities of creators, producers, and suppliers through our commitment to engineering perfection.

We aspire to provide the highest quality spray paint booths in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our organization takes the most cost-effective way to meeting clients’ broader needs and providing realistic solutions for Spray Paint Booths in Dubai.

We SUPPLY top quality , long-lasting Spray Paint Booth in Dubai UAE.

Our Mission

  • Empower our customers to achieve achievement beyond their wildest dreams.
  • By lifting the bar higher, you can test the accepted quality standards.
  • Providing a safe and dependable working environment.

ACEMEC Spray Booths offers Best Spray Paint Booths in Dubai, we also deal with Booth Installation and Relocation Services Dubai, UAE. Based in Dubai, we are located centrally to serve a customer base across the United Arab Emirates.

Our range of services include Installations, Relocations, Maintenance and Error Rectification. We offer these best Spray Paint Booth services from all leading paint spray booth manufacturers.

We do awesome works for our clients. Check some of our works.

We work with a large network of authorized distributors and service experts at ACEMEC that can provide regular and emergency paint booth service on any vehicle spray booth or finishing equipment.

Additional valuable paint booth services such as installation and relocation of new and used equipment, paint booth energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits, and more are available through the authorized distributors and professional technicians with whom we work to help you maximize your paint booth’s profitability .

We provide Spray Paint Booth Services like Installations, Relocations, Maintenance, Error Rectification and consultation .


We supply premium quality Spray Paint Booth Products in Dubai and all around UAE. Our products include Automobile Spray Booth, Decor/Furniture/Interior Spray Booth, Mini Bus Spray Booth, Truck & Bus Spray Booth, Side Draft Preparation Booth, Down Draft Preparation Booth, Industrial Spray Booth, Open Face Spray Booth, Mobile Spray Booth, Bench Spray Booth and paint mixing rooms.

We’ve worked with a number of reputable clients throughout the years. We’ve also worked on several significant projects. If you’re looking for the top quality suppliers of best Spray Paint Booths in Dubai UAE, ACEMEC can construct and supply a paint booth to any city in the country. Supplies Spray Paint Booths in UAE .The following are some of the clients for whom we have completed projects:

We provide the best quality spray booths in Dubai and the UAE.

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